The EZ Startup creates clean, beautiful and iconic logos that will leave a great impression on your customers!

Our team has years of experience creating powerful logos for diverse brands in different industries. Our logos convey whatever your brand represents, whether it’s fun, modern, serious, educational, luxurious, charitable or something else.

Select a logo package below, and let’s get started!


Your website can be a digital brochure, your main forum for selling goods and services, or your primary product or service itself.  Regardless, websites add great value to most businesses, and it is important for nearly every business to have one.

The EZ Startup designs and develops clean, beautiful and powerful websites to help get your business online, empower you to sell your products or services to online customers, find new customers and grow your business.  In addition to design and functionality, our websites use robust technology that allows you to conveniently manage and update them yourself.


Your business card provides your professional contacts with your role in a business and your basic contact information, but it also offers a first impression of your business.

The EZ Startup designs clean, crisp and memorable business cards that leave your contacts with a great first impression.


You can use postcards and flyers to publicize your business, products, services, sales or events.  Postcards are usually mailed to potential customers through direct mail, while flyers are posted on boards or handed out to pedestrians.

The EZ Startup designs clean, beautiful and memorable flyers and postcards that attract customers and to make them want to learn more about your business.


The EZ Startup creates clean, beautiful and memorable brochures that make your brand stand apart from your competitors, and present your products and services in the best possible light.

We also tell your story to express your company’s values, highlight your business’ strengths, and create a connection between your customers and your brand that will leave them wanting more.


Email marketing consists of using email to sell your products or services to your customers and attract new customers to your business.

The EZ Startup will develop a powerful email marketing campaign to promote your business to your customers and potential customers.


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