You’ve got a great idea.  Now you need the money to make it a reality.  Your pitch deck helps you explain your idea and persuade investors to invest in it.

The EZ Startup develops professional pitch decks that communicate your idea, business model and strategy clearly, concisely and compellingly.  Our research is rigorous, our writing is persuasive and our design is beautiful. Together, that makes for a great pitch deck.


Your business plan defines your business and goals, specifies your products or services, analyzes your industry and competition, determines your market, lays out your marketing plan, and projects your financial prospects. Business plans are vital to business owners, management, employees, potential lenders and investors.

The EZ Startup creates professional business plans that clearly explain your business, provide compelling research and persuade investors that they should invest in it.


Crowdfunding has become a powerful new way for entrepreneurs with new product ideas to get the word out, raise funds and even find early customers.

The EZ Startup helps startups and entrepreneurs design and execute crowdfunding campaigns that excite investors and customers alike.


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