How many business plans have you written?

Our business plan writers have written hundreds of business plans for our clients.


What industries have you written business plans for?

Our business plan writers have written business plans for nearly every industry & business type, including:




Food & Drink


Coffee Shops

Real Estate

Mobile Apps

…and a range of other industries and business types.

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How much money have you raised for clients?

Our business plan writers have helped clients raise millions of dollars from a variety of sources, including the SBA, banks, venture funds, angel investors, and friends & family.


How much will my business plan cost?

Business plans typically range in price from $1,495 to $4,995. Where it falls within that range depends on several factors, including:

1. The type of business

2. The type of investment (Friends & Family, SBA, Bank or Investor)

3. How much money you want to raise

4. Whether it’s a local or national business

5. The number of revenue streams

6. The amount of research that you already have

Each of these factors impacts the amount of time and work that we have to commit to a plan, so we price according to them.


How long will it take to complete my business plan?

For a local business, we can complete your business plan in as little as 3 business days.

For a national business, we can complete your business plan in as little as 6 business days.

The above said, the exact amount of time that it takes to complete your plan depends on the complexity of the business and the extent of your comments.  If your business is extremely complex or if you have a large number of comments (which is rare), then those factors could increase the amount of time that it takes to complete your plan.

We provide expedited services for those that need their plans more quickly.


Does the cost of the business plan include graphic design?

No, but we can design your business plan for an additional $495.  Rather than handing investors a Word document, our designers can create a beautifully-designed plan that will leave your investors with a great first impression of your business.


Why do I need a business plan?

Drafting a business plan is often the first step in turning an idea into a business, and creating an effective plan is one of the most essential parts of building a successful company.  A business plan helps you define your product or service, assess whether there is a market for that product or service, learn how large or small that market is, and think through how best to reach that market.  A business plan provides a roadmap that helps you plan your next steps.  And, most importantly, a business plan is vital to helping you attract investors and lenders who can provide you the funds that you need to help you launch or grow your business.


What are the sections of a business plan?

The EZ Startup’s business plans include the following sections:

Executive Summary

Product or Service Descriptions

Company Structure

Industry Analysis

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Marketing Plan

Five- Year Financial Projections

Exit Strategy


Do you create pitch decks or presentations?

Yes, we do.  Because so many modern business presentations are made through slides and other visual media, The EZ Startup can also create a professional and well-designed presentation (or pitch deck) that you can use to present the key data in your business plan to investors or lenders.


Why The EZ Startup?

You should choose The EZ Startup to draft your business plan not only because we have extensive experience writing excellent business plans, but also because we can help bring your plan to life.  We can either end our engagement by handing you a business plan and letting you take it from there, or we can help you implement your plan by forming your company, building your brand and getting you customers.  So, by having The EZ Startup draft your business plan, you can get an experienced team and a smooth, seamless process that quickly goes from defining your business to building it.

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