Effective accounting is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Accounting isn’t just inputting numbers; it’s tracking your growth, identifying your challenges and opportunities, understanding your business, and both minimizing and meeting your tax obligations.

The EZ Startup makes accounting easy by helping you select your accounting systems, prepare month end closing and financials, set up and maintain payroll, manage cash and file your taxes, all in one place. We can do it as a package or a la carte. It’s up to you.


Great businesses don’t just have great products; they manage their finances to position themselves to get more products to market, find new markets, build new products and continue to grow. A huge number of businesses fail not because their products are bad or lack a market, but because they are not able to most effectively deploy their resources.

The EZ Startup provides high-level CFO Services so that you can properly plan, effectively budget, strategically plan and, in so doing, get the best return on every dollar that your business spends.


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