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Great businesses don’t just have great products; they manage their finances to position themselves to get more products to market, find new markets, build new products and continue to grow. A huge number of businesses fail not because their products are bad or lack a market, but because they are not able to most effectively deploy their resources.

The EZ Startup provides high-level CFO Services so that you can properly plan, effectively budget, strategically plan and, in so doing, get the best return on every dollar that your business spends.


Strategic Planning

Create short- and long-term financial plans, KPIs and targets that help you forecast growth and achieve your strategic goals

Pipeline Creation

Creation of a pipleline of sales and revenue that you can use to set goals, measure progress and plan ahead


Develop annual budgets and quarterly forecasts to define your strategy, plan effectively and measure your progress

CFO Advisory

Provide an expert CFO advisor to offer your business critical independent input and valuable external perspectives

Financial Modeling

Create professional investor decks so that you can present your business’ finances to key stakeholders

M&A Advisory

Ready your business for sale by preparing financial models and analysis and advising on target acquirers


Informed Planning

Effectively develop your strategy based on professionally-constructed financial models, data and analysis

Measure Performance

Measure and evaluate your performance, and adjust your strategy and optimize your investments accordingly

Valuable Perspective

Gain critical external perspectives on your business intelligence to help you better understand your business


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